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Lectures about happiness at work

During the 1, 5 hours lecture Ewa presents the newest scientific proven knowledge about happiness in general and happiness at work in particular. Her own experience from the practice to the theory makes her a reliable speaker to present how you and your company can boost feelings of happiness among your employees. People who are happier at work enjoy better mental and physical health; are more motivated and creative. Bigger creativity leads to bigger productivity and innovation. Quisque cursus et, porttitor risus. Aliquam sem. In hendrerit nulla quam nunc, accumsan congue. Lorem ipsum primis in nibh ipsum dolor quam.

Workshops about happiness at work

Workshop includes lectures about happiness at work, together with the exercises for the participants. They can discover a lot of things, which make them already happy at work or they can take initiative to create more happiness in their work environment. Participants will receive a lot of inspirational knowledge that can be used both at home, in private life and also at work.

Individual sessions

If you or your employees need an individual session about the happiness at work, you are very welcome to contact Ewa. As a psychotherapist, life and stress coach, Ewa has many tools that can easily guide one to the right path. There is however one condition that a person is willing and committed to do that work. Individual session lasts 1-1,5 hours

VIP day

This is also an individual session but it can last 5-6 hours, where Ewa and the client are analyzing the client’s life and work surroundings. As an Intentional Creativity teacher Ewa is also using creativity tools and techniques in her work, like painting, drawing and writing.

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