See what your company can gain cooperating with me


Science shows that happiness can solve problems like stress, physical and mental health challenges, just mention those two.

Happy employees are more productive, more motivated and innovative, are better at customer service and gain customer loyalty; happy employees cooperate more effectively and improve their cooperation with the colleagues from other departments, engaging more in their everyday work life.

As I mentioned, I experienced happiness at work by working in Danish company with great leaders. They were really happy at work ‘’observers and doers’’. I loved the atmosphere, I loved the way we worked together and we prepared the work environment.

Everything I offer here, in my Institute, is experienced by myself, I ’’lived’’ that, processed and thoroughly chosen for you and your employee to become happier at work.

Happiness and happiness at work in particular became a part of my lifestyle and my professional life.

More engagement in the work, more creativity, more innovation
Better business results
Better work relationships
Happier and loyal customers
Newest scientific knowledge about happiness at work
Concrete and practical tools how to create happier work environment

In my work I use newest knowledge of the science of happiness within work area. I will show you what happiness at work consists of and how to find greater meaning and joy and happiness at work.

Let me show you how happiness at work affects the business results of the company and how happy employees can attract more satisfied and more loyal customers.