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How I work – step by step guide to our cooperation

Step 1

Meet and talk


What are your problems that I can solve

First step is our meeting, where we talk about the problems at your workplace. Any subject concerning happiness at work can be addressed.

Step 2

Do – the first workshop

Second step is our first one day workshop at your workplace or at my Institute, depending on how big the group is. I am presenting the newest scientific knowledge about happiness and well being at work. My presentation has special focus on the problems mentioned during our first meeting.

After a break, you and members of your team participate in the practical exercises, which will be tailored to your special needs.

The result of that workshop should be a ready action plan how to handle the issues in your team.

Step 3

Follow up workshop

This is the check-up workshop, where we follow up on your action plan and how the insights, proposals from the first workshop were introduced in your daily work day. I will answer your question concerning your findings, doubts or aha moments.


Ewa Gizicka-Fuks

Chief Happiness Officer, psychotherapist, passionate mentor and life and stress coach, guiding people to more joyful and happier life.

Ewa is a founder and director of Positive Transformation Institute, where through science, exercises, insights and creativity one can find out what happiness is and what happiness at work is in particular.

Trainings and certifications:

The Maxwell Method of DISC Trainer and Consultant (2022)

Maxwell Method certified Coach (2022)

Individuel og gruppesupervisor at Sexologiskolen (2021)

Certified Sexologist at Sexologiskolen (2021)

Mental Trainer at Akademia Trenerow Mentalnych online at JBB international sp. z o.o.

Maxwell Leadership certified Team Member (2021)

Professional certificate in The Science of Happiness at Work – a program offered by Berkeley X, in collaboration with edX.

Program includes The Foundation of Happiness at Work, Mindfullness and Resilience to Stress at Work, Empathy and Emotional Intelligence at Work.

The Science of Well-Being course with Laurie Santos, professor of psychology, course (authorized by) Yale University (2020)

The Science of Happiness course of study offered by University of California, Berkeley on EDX, with Emiliana Simon-Thomas and Dacher Keltner (2020)

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader at Laughter Yoga International with dr. Madan Kataria

World Class Mentor at Grow With Us, education with Lukasz Milewski, Barbara Milewski (2019-2020), Warsaw, Poland

Chief Happiness Academy at Woohoo Inc. with Alexander Kjerulf (2019)

Integrativ Energi og Power Psykoterapeut education at Life Academy, Aarhus, Denmark (certif. 2019)

Supervisor, Life Academy, Aarhus, Denmark (2018)

Stress mentor and coach, Life Academy, Aarhus, Denmark (2016)

Energy and Power Coach and Therapist, Life Academy, Aarhus, Denmark (certif. 2015)

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